Opa Locka Airport

Miami Executive Air Charters

Below you will find a picture of the Miami Executive Airport called Opa-Locka Airport. You will notice there are alot of private jets on the ramp. Miami Opa Locka Airport which is also known as KOPF, is considered one of the busiest airports in the Miami area when it comes to private flights. Private Jet Charter passengers love to use OPF Airport for their private jet charters to Miami because there is no commercial airline traffic on the departure or arrival. Another benefit of flying private jet charter from Opa Locka Executive Airport is that there is less traffic on the road when you go to the airport. This means more time in meetings, or on the beach sipping a Pina Colada!

Opa Locka Jet Charters can be arranged to fly international or domestic flights. We can accommodate for your smaller charter flight needs to close destinations such as Key West and The Bahamas. Let us know if you need us to assist with your Opa Locka Miami Jet Charter!